Medical Tourism

Thailand is a Medical Haven in the World today. In today’s challenging times medical care is at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts. Will I be safe in Thailand? Will medical costs be manageable? Can I get the treatment I need in Thailand?

The answer to all these questions is yes – Thailand has just what you need.

Your medical needs are our priority.

Medical Tourism – Prostate Case Study

Prostate Case Study of a Canadian Caucasian Male aged 65, or a medical tourist’s adventures with his prostate. Total 8.5 days from getting on a plane in Nova Scotia to receiving a verdict regarding prostate cancer. Verdict = No Cancer During a visit to Thailand in February 2024, the subject had a complete physical at … Read more

Bangkok Dusit Medical Services: Where Medical Science and Compassion Meet

Operation in 5 regions within Thailand and other countries, Bangkok Dusit Medical Services is the largest private hospital operator here. They offer world-class medical treatment in Thailand and a compassionate approach towards patients. BDMS’s network of hospitals recognizes compassion as a significant element in building a powerful and meaningful society and strives to uphold this … Read more
ProDerma front wall

ProDerma Aesthetic Clinic

Proderma Aesthetic Clinic is a specialized medical facility dedicated to skin health and beauty enhancement. Founded by board-certified dermatologists with the American Board of Laser Surgery and a team of skilled physicians, Proderma Clinic offers a comprehensive range of treatments to address skin concerns and cosmetic goals. Main Services Available at ProDerma Expertise and Credentials … Read more
Bangpakok Hospital Group

Bangpakok Hospital Group

“Health is Wealth” The phrase, “Health is Wealth”, is at the core of who we want to be. To be healthy is wealth of a certain kind. The Bangpakok Hospital Group, address lifestyle changes along with treatment. They have been promoting this for over four decades and counting. List of Bangpakok Hospitals Bangpakok Hospital Group … Read more
Sukhumvit Hospital Pioneering Service Quality

Sukumvit Hospital: Pioneering Service Quality

Thailand has always been one of the top must-visit countries due to its unique culture and state-of-the-art medical services. Such as Sukumvit Hospital: A Pioneer of Service Quality.  The Main Services for Sukumvit Hospital are: Their Vision and Mission Sukumvit Hospital Since 1977 they have an emphasis on affordability and safe treatment. Extend modern healthcare … Read more
Bangkok Skin and Laser Clinic

BSL Aesthetic Medical Center

BSL Aesthetic Medical Center is an award-winning clinic with international medical standards and quality services. Times Square Building as seen from BTS Skywalk Times Square Building Room 114 – MRT Asoke (exit 3), go up to the BTS platform – go around the station along the promenade in front of Terminal 21. Cross Sukhumvit Road … Read more
Piyavate Hospital - Health is Wealth

Piyavate Hospital “Health, is Wealth”

Core Values at Piyavate Mission Values: HEART Overview of Piyavate Hospital The famous saying, at Piyavate Hospital “Health, is Wealth”, is seen in numerous medicine ads, TV commercials, fitness centers, and even hospitals and is easy to forget. There are times you spend most of your days abusing your body by overworking, not sleeping properly, … Read more

Bangkok Chain Hospital: A Thriving Hospital Operator

Overview of Bangkok Chain Hospital One of the primary highlights of Bangkok is having numerous private hospitals with excellent reputations locally and internationally. Most have various awards and certifications in certain medical fields, making patients feel at ease when treatments are conducted. Thailand offers comprehensive healthcare services such as first-aid or long-term treatment. Private hospitals … Read more
Vejthani Hospital Comprehensive Orthopedic Solutions, The King of Bones

Vejthani Hospital: Comprehensive Orthopedic Solutions

Overview of The King of Bones – Vejthani Hospital Vejthani Hospital: Comprehensive Orthopedic Solutions for All. Thailand has several private international hospitals offering world-class medical care like Vejthani Hospital. Vejthani was built in 1994 and is located in Bang Kapi, Eastern Bangkok, neighboring Suvarnabhumi Airport. Medical Departments and Centers Vejthani Hospital’s vision is to be … Read more
Travel Vaccinations For Thailand

Travel Vaccinations for Thailand

Thailand is a wonderful country with many areas to explore from urban sprawl to dense jungle or mangrove swamp. One thing to consider before arriving here is what Travel Vaccinations for Thailand are recommended. The CDC recommended vaccinations for Thailand: I’m always excited about traveling, and I bet you are too. Thailand, with its rich … Read more
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