The Top 10 Skincare Clinics in Thailand


Thanks to Asia’s obsession with achieving beautiful skin, the skincare industry in Thailand is booming. It’s not surprising to see many aesthetic clinics that offer invasive and non-invasive skin treatments in Thailand, particularly in cities like Chiang Mai and Pattaya.  Today to help you make an informed decision before taking the plunge, we offer our … Read more

Origene Clinic Jomtien Specializes in Taking Care of People

Origene clinic

Origene Clinic Jomtien specializes in taking care of people. They have been part of the Pattaya family for a few years now, originally located in the Little Walk complex next to Sukhumvit, road, Origene moved to Jomtien a couple of years ago. Origene Clinic is a center for beauty, aesthetics, and surgery in the region. … Read more

Top 5 HIFU Laser Clinics in Bangkok

Top 5 HIFU Clinics in Bangkok

HIFU – High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Laser. A non-invasive treatment that heats up tissue cells causing damage to the cells. Using ultrasound energy to restore a youthful appearance by damaging the underlying cells which then produce collagen in the repair process, resulting in a more youthful appearance. The damage can be minimal (cosmetic) allowing for the cells to repair and produce collagen (facelift procedures), or the damage can be terminal as in destroying cancer cells (used to destroy cancer cells in the prostate).

Top 5 Stand Alone Spas in Bangkok

Top 5 Stand Alone Spas in Bangkok

Like our previous article the Top 5 Hotel Spas in Bangkok, this article is dedicated to providing you with information on The Top 5 Stand Alone Spas in Bangkok, The City of Angles, Bangkok Thailand. Thai massage and Thailand Spa packages are renowned for rejuvenating the body, mind a spirit. Thailand is known the world … Read more

Top 5 Hotel Spas in Bangkok

Top 5 Hotel Spas in Bangkok

Thailand is world-famous for Thai massages and other traditional herbal treatments. There are a wide variety of spas in Bangkok, ranging from budget spas to mid-range spas to luxury spas. These Spas offer various services, including aromatherapy, mud baths, herbal body scrubs, etc. Today, Bangkok is not only about great beaches but also home to … Read more

Best 5 Holistic Care Centers in Bangkok

Best 5 Holistic Care Centers in Bangkok

Holistic care has long been a mainstay of Eastern culture. Unlike the West where the focus is on individual treatment for specific ailments, the East views the body as more of a whole and holistic treatments reflect this. Whether rejuvenating or detoxifying your body, you can see our review of the Best 5 Holistic Care … Read more

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