Wellness Tourism vs Medical Tourism in Thailand: Key Differences and Trends

Wellness Tourism vs Medical Tourism in Thailand Key Differences and Trends

Wellness tourism vs Medical tourism in Thailand are similar at first glance, but they cater to different people, needs, and markets. Wellness tourism focuses on promoting and maintaining physical, mental, and emotional well-being through holistic therapies, fitness programs, and various activities in luxury or retreat-like settings. Medical tourism involves traveling to any country other than … Read more

Cosmetic Surgery Options In Thailand: A Comprehensive Guide

Cosmetic Surgery Options In Thailand

I’m here to guide you through understanding cosmetic surgery options in Thailand. Cosmetic surgery Clinics are very common here. Most of the major shopping malls offer at least one cosmetic surgery clinic and many have several clinics inside them. Most of the major hospitals also offer cosmetic surgery clinics inside their walls. For many people, … Read more

Medical Tourism Destinations Compared

Medical Tourism Destinations Compared

The rising cost of medical treatments in developed countries gave way to the popularity of medical tourism. Medical tourism is the practice of traveling to a different country to receive medical care. A tourist who receives medical care while traveling. In this article, Medical Tourism Destinations Compared will help you to decide what is best … Read more

Top 10 Indian Food Restaurants in Pattaya

Top 10 Indian Restaurants in Pattaya

Pattaya is a city located on the eastern gulf coast of Thailand. From a quiet fishing village in the 60s, that was a vacation destination for the American GIs, Pattaya gradually transformed into a major tourist destination for everyone. Long known as one of the major sex-pat destinations of the world, Pattaya has been changing … Read more

Our Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants in Bangkok

Our Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants in Bangkok

If you’re sticking to a dietary requirement that prevents you from eating meat, or you can’t have meat and animal-based products of any kind, this guide is for you! Let’s dive in and get to know our top 10 vegetarian restaurants in Bangkok.  Thailand’s food scene is diverse; there is something for everyone – including … Read more

Thai Street Foods to Try

Thai Street Food to Try

Fast, cheap, and delicious – Thailand’s street food scene is one of the biggest in the world, attracting millions of hungry tourists every year. In Bangkok alone, there are over 500,000 street food hawkers. The food options are overwhelming, ranging from hot rice meals to noodles, desserts, snacks, fresh fruits, and drinks, to name a … Read more

Top 10 Indian Restaurants in Bangkok

Top 10 Indian Restaurants in Bangkok

Traveling to a food paradise like Thailand, you’ll come across different cuisines, specialties, and delicacies. In city centers like Bangkok, Indian cuisine has a strong presence in the local food culture.  India has long had a strong presence in The Land of Smiles. There is an abundance of Indian food available in Thailand. But where … Read more

Thailand Vegetarian Food

Thailan Vegetarian Festival

Is Thailand Vegetarian Food available in Thailand? With a share of nearly 4% in the global culinary tourism market, culinary tourism is a primary revenue driver in Thailand. The country is a melting pot of culture and cuisines that’s why Thailand is considered a haven for food lovers. The sheer diversity of food to try … Read more

Is Thailand Known for Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism Thailand

Is Thailand known for Medical Tourism? Many people think so. Thailand is a very popular tourist destination. Prior to Covid Thailand welcomed over 40 million tourists every year. In 2019 medical tourists spent over 600 million USD in Thailand. Since Covid, Thailand has been rapidly opening up its borders to tourists from the world over. … Read more

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