Does My Health Insurance Cover Me for International Travel?

International Health Insurance

Does My Health Insurance Cover Me for International Travel – Answered Probably not. Health Insurance for International Travel is available but is not normal unless you request it. Healthcare insurance has now become a necessity for all. However, it is difficult to find ideal healthcare insurance for every country as there are multiple options available … Read more

Level 4 Covid-19 Alert for Thailand

Covid 19 Thailand

With the Covid-19 numbers climbing a Level 4 Covid-19 Alert for Thailand has been reinforced by the Thai government. This is just to remind the population that although things may seem relaxed, they should remain vigilant in helping to prevent the spread of Covid-19 Level 5 is the highest alert level. A level 4 alert … Read more


Covid Insurance for Thailand

Thailand requires that all travelers have an effective COVID-19 travel Insurance policy in order to be admitted to Thailand. Your policy must cover medical expenses up to $20,000.00 USD (as of March 1st 2022), including COVID-19 while in Thailand. It must have these details clearly stated in the policy/certificate. The coverage must start on or … Read more

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