Top 5 HIFU Laser Clinics in Bangkok

Top 5 HIFU Clinics in Bangkok

HIFU – High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Laser. A non-invasive treatment that heats up tissue cells causing damage to the cells. Using ultrasound energy to restore a youthful appearance by damaging the underlying cells which then produce collagen in the repair process, resulting in a more youthful appearance. The damage can be minimal (cosmetic) allowing for the cells to repair and produce collagen (facelift procedures), or the damage can be terminal as in destroying cancer cells (used to destroy cancer cells in the prostate).

What are the rules for Traveling to Thailand in October 2022?

What are the rules for Traveling to Thailand in October 2022

The rules are – there are no rules/restrictions for traveling to Thailand in October 2022. As of September 30th, 2022, Thailand will lift the COVID-19 emergency decree that has been in place since early 2020. Travelers will no longer need proof of vaccine, or ATK testing as of October 1st, 2022. Please note: This does … Read more

Does My Health Insurance Cover Me for International Travel?

International Health Insurance

Does My Health Insurance Cover Me for International Travel – Answered Probably not. Health Insurance for International Travel is available but is not normal unless you request it. Healthcare insurance has now become a necessity for all. However, it is difficult to find ideal healthcare insurance for every country as there are multiple options available … Read more

Top 5 Hotel Spas in Bangkok

Top 5 Hotel Spas in Bangkok

Thailand is world-famous for Thai massages and other traditional herbal treatments. There are a wide variety of spas in Bangkok, ranging from budget spas to mid-range spas to luxury spas. These Spas offer various services, including aromatherapy, mud baths, herbal body scrubs, etc. Today, Bangkok is not only about great beaches but also home to … Read more

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