Piyavate Hospital “Health, is Wealth”

Core Values at Piyavate

Overview of Piyavate Hospital

The famous saying, at Piyavate Hospital “Health, is Wealth”, is seen in numerous medicine ads, TV commercials, fitness centers, and even hospitals and is easy to forget. There are times you spend most of your days abusing your body by overworking, not sleeping properly, and so on. It’s not too late to start prioritizing yourself and let one of the most well-known hospitals in Thailand take care of you whether for an annual check-up or treatment!

Piyavate Hospital is an international hospital established in 1993, in Bangkapi Subdistrict, Bangkok, Thailand. They uphold the real definition of, “Health is Wealth”, by paying close attention to all aspects of your health care because they want you to be in the best of health and achieve longevity in life.

Piyavate Hospital has been taking care of local and international patients since its inception, contributing 30 meaningful years to the country’s medical field. Like any other excellent hospital in Thailand, they aim to continue being one of the best hospitals patients can rely on.   

The hospital is equipped with a 150-bed capacity, state-of-the-art medical technology, and several specialist doctors. They proudly accept patient referrals from other hospitals for treatment that needs cutting-edge medical technology and experts for tailored care.

Moreover, the company’s vision is to be one of the top hospitals in the country that offers holistic care at international standards. They are operating under the Bangpakok Hospital Group (BPK).

Before a detailed discussion about Piyavate Hospital to see if this is the hospital for you, here is an overview of the specialties and procedures Piyavate Hospital offers:


Piyavate Hospital, as mentioned, emphasizes, “Health is Wealth”, which can be seen on their official website. They encourage everyone to prioritize one’s health at an early age and continue being consistent in both physical and mental well-being. With that, Piyavate promises to provide the best holistic approach to every patient to achieve the best health care possible.

Piyavate Hospital is located in Bangkapi Subdistrict, Bangkok, Thailand. It is under the Bangpakok Hospital Group (BPK) which was founded by Dr. Chareong Chandrakamol and Associate Professor Bidhya Chandrakamol in 1981 under the name of Bangpakok Polyclinic. Eventually, the humble polyclinic became well-received by a lot of patients prompting it to expand.

Currently, Bangpakok Hospital Group (BPK) has 8 hospitals; Piyavate Hospital became part of BPK in 2016.

Awards and Accreditations

The hospital gained a JCI Accreditation in June 2017. JCI stands for Joint Commission International, which is an organization that aims to promote quality, safety, and accreditation of excellent standards for healthcare facilities globally. It is a continuous assessment of hospitals to pursue quality improvement and patient security.

In addition, they were also accredited by The Healthcare Accreditation Institute in 2010, a public organization that aims to assist healthcare organizations in having international quality systems, assuring patients are safe with HA standards. They conduct a strict assessment of hospitals covering all dimensions of services including infrastructures.

Piyavate Hospital has earned the following awards along the way:

  • Best Hospital in Thailand 2021 – Piyavate Hospital was named the best hospital in Thailand by the Global Health & Pharma Awards.
  • Best Hospital for Medical Tourism 2020 – The hospital received this award from the Thai Ministry of Public Health for its excellence in medical tourism services.
  • Best Private Hospital in Thailand 2019 – Piyavate Hospital was named the best private hospital in Thailand by the International Medical Travel Journal.
  • Excellence in Healthcare Service Award 2018 – The hospital received this award from the Thailand Business Excellence Awards for its exceptional healthcare services.
  • Best Hospital for Health Promotion 2017 – Piyavate Hospital was recognized for its health promotion efforts by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

In addition to the accreditations and awards, Bangpakok Group and Piyavate Hospital are well-loved by the people because of the two factors they practice: affordable pricing and trust earned from the population.

The CEO of BPK Hospital Group Chairman, Dr. Chareong Chandrakamol, shared that most of the Bangpakok’s hospitals don’t focus on marketing or advertising, but focus on trust. It’s about taking care of the community and where outreach programs are being conducted. The trust is not limited to the local community but is extended to international patients.

Seeing these awards, accreditations, and principles, it’s not surprising that various local and international patients choose Piyavate Hospital. They not only follow world-class standards but also provide fair pricing while delivering the best medical care available.

Piyavate Hospital’s mission is to offer excellent healthcare services, harness the complete potential of a diverse workforce to improve patient service and create a healthy society. They are also practicing their core values named H.E.A.R.T, which stands for holistic, excellent accountability, result-oriented, and teamwork.

Main Services Offered

Piyavate Hospital’s commitment to enforcing excellent health in society grew, as Bangpakok Hospital Group expanded to 8 hospitals throughout Bangkok and surrounding areas.

The hospital offers a comprehensive range of services and treatments you can explore and assess.

To help you decide, I will provide a detailed discussion of the services and facilities they offer:

Piyate Hospital provides examination and treatment services for internal medicine patients, suffering from acute to chronic illnesses. The team of experts uses several modern medicines and tools to prevent diseases and increase the quality of life.

Once the preliminary diagnosis is done, the patient will receive tailored treatment for his/her disease.  The center offers a comprehensive range of services such as neurology services, neurosurgery services, neurological diagnosis, internal medicine hematology, and so much more.

The cancer/oncology center of Piyavate delivers various consultations, treatments, and therapies for patients.

Doctors and various expert personnel apply a tailored approach when conducting a treatment to cater to every patient’s needs. They make sure that other aspects are covered, as well, such as the mental health of the patients. Every step is always communicated clearly.

  • Allergy Center

Patients suffering from allergies and asthma are treated in Piyavate’s Allergy Center. The center is equipped with board-certified allergist-immunologist experts to offer the best allergy relief. Private consultations are done to assess if a patient will undergo skin prick tests, or other treatments available.

The center provides comprehensive hemodialysis services. They also offer treatment for severe kidney disorders by using computerized hemodialysis units. It can record essential and useful data for planning treatment to achieve the best results possible.

The services are only conducted by certified nephrologists, and skilled nurses with cutting-edge tools and equipment. The center is close to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for any emergencies.

  • Neurology Center

Neurosurgeons and neurologists at Piyavate understand the complexity of the brain and the entire nervous system. They are certified to diagnose and treat any abnormalities or ailments occurring or might occur. They target and prevent acute and chronic diseases.

Expert gastroenterologists will provide the right and best treatment to achieve quick recovery time with the lowest risk. The center offers an assessment and examination of gastrointestinal and liver disorders such as esophageal cancer, peptic ulcer, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), stomach cancer, and liver cancer.

Various tests and procedures are available such as gastric biopsy, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, polypectomy, and more if needed.

  • Sleep Center

The sleep center is a complete program for diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. The center is composed of a team of expert healthcare providers such as ENT (ear, nose, throat) specialists, neurologists, pulmonologists, and psychologists.

Piyavate doctors know that various factors can cause sleep disorders and they adjust accordingly. 

  • Pulmonary Center

The center delivers complete, tailored diagnostic and therapeutic measures necessary for the management of lung disorders. It delivers a comprehensive range of services in treating and assessing pulmonary conditions, with precise and reliable results, prioritizing patient safety.

It is also called RAI treatment; it targets overactive thyroid commonly known as hyperthyroidism and other types of thyroid ailments. It is considered a harmless, generally well-tolerated, and reliable measure that arrests thyroid cells.

The main goal of this treatment is to have little exposure to the rest of the body’s cells, avoiding any harm it may cause.

The heart center delivers remarkable treatment and surgery for any cardiac issues, it has a team of cardiologists, technicians, physiotherapists, nutritionists, and cardiac coordinators. The center is open 24 hours a day to accommodate any patients in case of emergency.

Notable Features of Piyavate Hospital

Robot-Assisted Therapy

Aside from Piyavate’s comprehensive range of services, they feature robot-assisted therapy, introducing innovations in their movement rehabilitation. The treatment will continue to improve physical therapy in patients with any abnormal movements or ailments in their nervous system.

The robot allows for efficiency for it lets the individual practice movement for each part of the body, even if the patient is still recovering or unable to move in the desired form.

JCI Accreditation and Awards

As mentioned, Piyavate Hospital is accredited internationally and locally, with its JCI and Hospital Accreditation, both organizations uphold quality and safety standards for the reputation of the hospital and the welfare of the patients around the world.

Rooms and Facilities

Piyavate Hospital not only offers a calming atmosphere but also world-class rooms to suit any budget:

All of the rooms offer:

  • Adjustable electric patient bed
  • Sofa
  • 40-inch TV
  • 6 cubic feet Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Thermos
  • Telephone
  • Airconditioned Room
  • WiFi

However, the more you upgrade your room the more spacious it will get, so pricing will depend on your preference.

Advantages, Services, Costs

Piyavate Hospital’s, “Health is Wealth” slogan, within Bangpakok Hospital Group is an excellent way to show how serious they are in promoting one of their core values which is to create a healthy society. I’m confident that they will continue to provide excellent healthcare services to local and international patients.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department

As mentioned, one of the featured machines in the hospital is robot-assisted therapy, which gives way to efficiency and convenience. It allows the patient to continue practicing movement in every part of the body and motivates them to keep training. The robot is also versatile, it can adapt to the patient’s abnormalities or movement limits.

Comprehensive Range of Services

One of the great things about this hospital is the wide range of services they offer. You can have everything checked without the hassle of going back and forth just to receive the treatment. You will also have access to various specialists who can help you manage your health conditions.

Package Pricing Available at Piyavate

They have numerous Packages for your health and well-being pre-priced, so you know what you are getting, and for how much. Check the links below to see for yourself.

Accessible Healthcare

Piyavate Hospital, as I’ve stated, is under the Bangpakok Hospital Group which has 8 hospitals throughout Bangkok including Piyavate making it accessible to various patients within the surrounding areas.


Piyavate Hospital has been serving the people for over 30 years, having a 150-bed capacity, state-of-the-art medical technology, and various specialist doctors equipped with local and international training and certifications. They also deliver a wide range of services and treatments.

They are committed to their vision of being one of the top hospitals in Thailand that offers holistic care at international standards, upholding the importance of, “Health is Wealth” to create a healthy society.

The famous line isn’t only used at Piyavate Hospital but all over the Bangpakok Hospital Group.

If it’s me, I will consider a hospital that is serious about its mission, vision, and core values! Piyavate has achieved and continues to go beyond its goals. I can see a bright future for this hospital and Bangpakok Group!













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