Sukumvit Hospital: Pioneering Service Quality

Thailand has always been one of the top must-visit countries due to its unique culture and state-of-the-art medical services. Such as Sukumvit Hospital: A Pioneer of Service Quality. 

The Main Services for Sukumvit Hospital are:

  • Breast Surgery and Cancer
  • Cosmetic Dermatology & Skin Laser Center
  • Dental Center
  • Diabetic Care
  • Digestive and Liver Diseases Center
  • E N T Center
  • Emergency Services
  • Eye Care Center
  • Medical Center
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Their Vision and Mission

Sukumvit Hospital - Vision and Mission

Sukumvit Hospital

Since 1977 they have an emphasis on affordability and safe treatment.

Extend modern healthcare to people at an affordable cost.

Access – How to get there

Sukumvit Hospital is easy to get to as it lies right alongside Sukhumvit Road and the BTS Skytrain station. Simply take the train to Ekamai train station. Take Exit 3 and walk straight ahead ~140 m to Sukumvit Hospital – the hospital is visible in the distance. 

Sukumvit Hospital was one of the first private hospitals in Thailand. It was established in February 1977, along Sukumvit Road, taking, the name Sukumvit Hospital. They have offered quality healthcare to local and international patients for almost 47 years.

The hospital is rooted in its founding principles that focus on service quality, highlighting excellent service, and offering the right treatment and healthcare by choosing the best procedure and technology.

Sukumvit Hospital upholds its mission by providing a wide range of services with exceptional medical staff and state-of-the-art technology to achieve patient satisfaction.

Sukumvit Hospital upgraded its facilities from 2011 to 2014 and now has a 16-story building, with 243 patient rooms comprising modern features, and a large parking area for almost 300 vehicles. On top of that, it also has 95 diagnosis rooms that can accommodate 2,000 patients daily.

Overview of Sukumvit Hospital

Sukumvit Hospital was established on February 25, 1977, along the historic road of Sukumvit. The hospital was formerly known as, “Fifth Field Hospital” for it served as an army facility during the Vietnam War. From the beginning, it boasted modern facilities and equipment, left behind by the Americans after the war. This was a great advantage for the hospital because the medical tools and equipment they had in place, were already considered advanced at that time.

Today, Sukumvit still embodies its founding principles of service quality by constantly upgrading and improving its personnel, equipment, and facilities year after year.

Sukumvit Hospital has been JCI-accredited since April 29, 2015, and JCI-certified for its Diabetes Mellitus since September 02, 2023. Currently, the hospital has 71 doctors and nurses, 24-hour emergency services, and 22 medical centers.

Services Offered

As one of the pioneering hospitals in Thailand, Sukumvit offers a wide range of services to cater to most of the patient’s needs.

Breast Surgery and Cancer – the hospital is equipped with skilled doctors, medical personnel, and equipment to accommodate breast cancer surgeries and cancer-related concerns. Doctors at Sukumvit explore various treatment options to administer the appropriate and effective action. 

Cosmetic Dermatology & Skin Laser Centerdelivers treatment of skin diseases and facial care by utilizing modern equipment for cosmetic enhancement like:

  • Q-Switch Nd-yag Laser (Revlife) – used for freckles, aged sports, facial whitening, and tattoo removal. In this procedure, the equipment (laser) targets pigments within the skin using a high-intensity light beam to treat or remove any damaged skin cells. This might take a few sessions depending on the severity of the skin disease or imperfection.
  • Skin Tightening & Lifting Device (HIFU) – this procedure is called high-intensity focused ultrasound facial or HIFU. HIFU has been used by various doctors to treat facial aging. It offers the effects of a facelift without undergoing surgery.
  • Gentle-YAG – this modern laser device delivers safe and effective hair removal, facial rejuvenation, and treatment for vascular lesions. It can be used for all skin types, even on darker complexions.
  • Needle Free Mesotherapy – also known as injection-free mesotherapy. It aims to treat affected areas with microinjections of medicines, minerals, amino acids, etc., removing the pain associated with injections. It is used for facial therapy, atopic dermatitis, and other skin diseases.
  • BOTOX – botox injection is not only used to smoothen wrinkles on the face but also to treat lazy eyes, sweating, overactive bladder, and other related conditions.
  • Filler – the purpose of filler is to improve the skin texture, especially on the face, it provides volume, lift, and firmness. It can arrest moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and can restore facial fat loss in patients with HIV.
  • Chemical Peeling – also known as chemical exfoliation, is a procedure that involves chemical application on the skin to prompt skin regeneration or rejuvenation to achieve acne-free, brighter, and radiant skin.

Dental Centerthe center delivers a comprehensive range of dental services conducted by dentists with advanced equipment, and facilities. The services include:

  • Basic Treatments (fillings, extraction, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening)
  • Special Treatments (pediatric dentistry, oral surgery, periodontal disease, root canal treatment, orthodontics, dental implants, dentistry occlusion, orofacial pain, operative dentistry)

Diabetic Carethe diabetes and endocrine center delivers strict medical care for patients through a team of cardiologists, internists, endocrinologists, nutritionists, and registered nurses. They aim to ensure that patients achieve a long and satisfied life by evaluating, treating, and providing long-term care. 

Medical Tools for Diabetes include:

  • Diabetic wound treatment services with Hyperbaric Oxygen Machine (HBO)
  • Checking for peripheral arterial disease with ABI (Ankle Brachial Index)
  • Monofilament

Digestive and Liver Diseases Centerthe gastrointestinal (GI) and liver health center applies its mission of preventing, diagnosing, and treating disorders of the digestive tract and related organs. GI specialists arrest acute and chronic illnesses from detection to advanced diagnosis.

ENT CenterENT specialists at Sukumvit treat medical issues affecting ears, nose, and throat like swallowing, speech, sinuses, and other associated conditions.

The center offers check-ups and procedures:

  • Rigid, Fiberoptic Endoscopy and Microscopy
  • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
  • Tympanoplasty
  • Skin Prick Test
  • Desensitized Immunotherapy
  • Screening Audiography
  • Tympanogram
  • Surgery of the tonsil, saliva gland, enlarged thyroid, and adenoid glands

Emergency Services – The Sukumvit team is available 24/7 for emergencies or trauma cases. The ambulance is ready to pick up and deliver patients so everyone is assured to receive the best medical attention anytime.

Eye Care Centerthe eye care center can cater to different eye ailments from general issues to serious conditions. It is run by a team of ophthalmologists to treat children and adults with the support of advanced equipment like:

  • CT-VF (Computer Visual Field Analysis)
  • Ultrasonic Phacoemulsification
  • Digital Slit Lamp Microscope
  • Auto Refraction
  • TX-F Full Auto Tonometer
  • Fundus Camera
  • Biometry
  • Accurus Vitrectomy
  • Laser service
  • Synoptophore

Medical CenterThe center covers a comprehensive range of services to prevent, diagnose, and treat medical conditions of patients of all ages. It also has several doctors and nurses ready to assist you in your treatment and recovery journey.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)A team of neonatologists, obstetricians, and neonatal nurses work hand in hand with parents to deliver 24-hour medical care to babies. The NICU is complete with several modern equipment and devices to treat and take care of premature, and critically ill newborns. Additionally, treatment plans are also created for high-risk babies.

Sukumvit Hospital also offers other services such as:

  • Nephrology Center
  • Neurological Rehabilitation Center
  • Neurology Center
  • Obstetrics Gynecology Center
  • Operating Room
  • Orthopedics Surgery Center
  • Pediatric Center
  • Physical Check-up Center
  • Rehabilitation Center
  • Sukumvit Cardiac Center
  • Surgical Center
  • X-RAY & Diagnostic Imaging Center

Facilities Offered

  • 16-story building
  • 243 patient rooms with modern amenities
  • Parking area for 300 vehicles
  • 95 diagnosis rooms with a capacity to receive 2,000 patients per day


One of the advantages I would like to highlight is Sukumvit’s 47 years of service in the medical field dating back to the war. It has continued to gain the trust of locals and international patients by being on the scene for almost 5 decades, continuously improving and upgrading to provide quality service.

Strategic Location

Sukumvit Hospital is located at Sukumvit Road, Prakanong Nua, Wattana District, Bangkok. It is an area that provides a range of accommodations for tourists so it’s hard to miss. 

Mass transit is also easily accessible to travel to the hospital. You can go to Sukumvit via BTS Skytrain and drop by Ekkamai Station or MRT underground, drop at Sukumvit Station, and transfer to BTS at Asoke station to reach Ekkamai station.

Comprehensive Range of Services

Sukumvit Hospital delivers a wide array of services to provide tailored care to patients. It has 22 medical centers, specialists, emergency treatment, surgeons, and primary care physicians. You can find a doctor for your specific symptom and make an appointment on their website. 

Affordable Packages/Costs

Healthcare Programs and Packages at Sukumvit Hospital

Sukumvit Hospital provides different packages to help you save and assess more of the overall condition of your body. To help you compare, the normal cost for a classic annual check-up is around 6,000 baht or $163.00 while the package deal is around 3,000 baht or $82.00, you can see the big difference between the two.

They offer programs like:

  • Annual Health Check-up
  • Basic Heart Screening Program
  • Comprehensive Screening Program
  • Check-up Before Marriage
  • Screening for Gastrointestinal Cancer

Visit the official website for more information.

Rooms and Facilities

Sukumvit Hospital has 5 types of patient rooms to choose from: Corner suite, Suite, Junior Suite, Executive, and Deluxe room.

All of the rooms have:

  • Electrical Control Bed
  • Refrigerator/ Mini Bar
  • Television
  • Microwave
  • Air Conditioner
  • 3 Sofas
  • Dining Table
  • Water heater
  • Personal safe
  • Cabinet
  • Newspaper
  • Free 2 drinking water/day

If you are particular about where you will stay during your treatment the official website for Sukumvit Hospital offers a virtual tour. It also has a list of amenities, galleries, and room rates but you don’t need to worry because Sukumvit provides spacious rooms that can accommodate you and your companion/s. 

Thailand and Medical Tourism

Last year, Thailand received over 28 million foreign tourists, Thailand is on track to recover the economy from the decline caused by COVID-19. Current projections are for 2024 to see over 40 million visitors to Thailand which is close to what the country had pre-Covid. Thailand’s medical tourism is ranked 5th in the 2020-2021 Medical Tourism Index because of its affordable cost and comprehensive range of procedures. Thai doctors follow strict international standards to provide the best healthcare.

Thailand has 370 private hospitals, and over 900 public hospitals, one of the premier private hospitals, is Sukumvit Hospital.


Overall, Sukumvit Hospital is one of the pioneering hospitals in Thailand that has been enforcing service quality since 1977. It has a rich background being a former army hospital called, “Fifth Field Hospital”. It continued operating after the war serving local and international patients by utilizing the equipment and technology left by the Americans.

Today, the hospital boasts a 16-story building with 243 patient rooms, a large parking area, and 95 diagnosis rooms that can serve 2,000 patients daily.

As I’ve said, they have been giving medical care for almost 5 decades and gained a good reputation. I think this is a solid advantage, proof even, for any individuals considering Sukumvit Hospital.

Sukumvit Hospital hasn’t stopped serving the people throughout the years, and they will continue giving the best medical care to every patient around the world.  


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