What are the rules for Traveling to Thailand in October 2022?

What are the rules for Traveling to Thailand in October 2022

The rules are – there are no rules/restrictions for traveling to Thailand in October 2022. As of September 30th, 2022, Thailand will lift the COVID-19 emergency decree that has been in place since early 2020. Travelers will no longer need proof of vaccine, or ATK testing as of October 1st, 2022. Please note: This does … Read more

Top 5 Hospitals in Hat Yai


It can be overwhelming to deal with a health crisis or a worrisome diagnosis, whether for yourself or a loved one, and it can become difficult to manage your stress level. However, choosing the right hospital in such circumstances can reduce half of your stress. Thailand is known for its tourist attractions, amazing nightlife, and … Read more

Travel to Thailand in 2022

Travel to Thailand in 2022

In order to Travel to Thailand in 2022 you must jump through some hoops. It seems like a complicated process, but the steps are straightforward, and Thailand is open for business. Thailand is open to travelers from all countries around the world. There are no restrictions on citizens from any countries. The timing is a … Read more

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